Hamilton Partnership Launches Hamilton-Strong.com for local businesses

The Hamilton Partnership working together with Pulse Media, LLC has launched an online website portal and business directory of local businesses that are open and operating during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in Hamilton Township.

“It is at this time especially that we are able to pull together and support our local businesses and business owners.  This site will help keep Hamilton strong in light of the current economic times and also help residents and community members who want to “go local” not only at this time but also in the future”  said Jeannine Cimino, Chairman of the Hamilton Partnership.

Since 1993, The Hamilton Partnership has worked with community business leaders, government officials, and private decision-makers to deliver services and employment opportunities that are essential to Hamilton Township’s continued success.

The newly created website, www.Hamilton-Strong.com has a built-in searchable online directory for those essential businesses that are open during the crisis. Businesses can input their business information, description of services, location, contact, website, and social media information to be included in the directory at no cost to the business.

The website also will include information about local business issues, non-profits in need, as well as information that is helpful and informative to the Hamilton community during the pandemic.

Hamilton-Strong.com was created and will be maintained by Pulse Media, LLC which operates www.HamiltonPulse.com.

“Our local businesses here in Hamilton are vital to the continued success of our community.  We wanted a central, searchable and easy to navigate digital space that would help our local businesses during this unprecedented time.  Working together with The Hamilton Partnership and our sponsors we have also put together a full-scale plan to advertise and publicize the site to bring maximum exposure to the for those businesses that need our help now more than ever”, explained Michael A. Sabo of Pulse Media, LLC.

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